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Chasing Perfect Book Review

Synopsis:Chasing Perfect

Title – Chasing Perfect  (Website, Goodreads, Amazon, BarnsAndNoble)

Author – Susan Mallery (Website, Goodreads)

Published – January 1st 2010

Classification – Contemporary Romance

Summary – In Fool’s Gold, California, the men don’t stay. The problem of the imbalance of men vs. woman is a problem Charity Jones is hired to fix as the City Planner. Charity sees Fool’s Gold as the perfect small town she can settle down in. It is also the home of Josh Golden, the world famous bicyclist, who is the second youngest winner of the Tour de France. Josh makes the whole town swoon, which is exactly the type of boy Charity swore off. She wanted boring and sensible. But how could she do boring when Josh leaves her breathless?


Chasing Perfect is the first book in the Fool’s Gold Romance series by Susan Mallery.

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Home Book Review

Synopsis:Home 1

Title – Home (Goodreads, Amazon, BarnsAndNoble)

Author – Ellen DeGeneres (Website, Goodreads)

Published – October 27th 2015

Classification – Non-Fiction

Summary – If Ellen did not make it big with her career in comedy, she would be an interior designer. This BIG book is filled with big beautiful pictures of rooms in Ellen and Portia’s many homes.

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Hope Flames Book Review

Synopsis:FullSizeRender (2)

Title – Hope Flames (Website, Goodreads, Amazon, BarnsAndNoble)

Author – Jaci Burton (Website, Goodreads)

Published – January 1st 2013

Classification – Contemporary Romance

Summary – Emma moves back to her hometown, Hope, to open her vet practice and is determined to be independent. Hometown cop Luke, with his police dog Boomer, are loving the bachelor life. Clearly neither one wants to enter a relationship, but since their first meeting they can’t stop thinking about each other.


Hope Flames is the first in an ongoing series. The fifth was just published on Dec 1st, 2015 and the 6th book is expected to publish on July 26th, 2016.

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Book Review: The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Synopsis:The Compound Effect

Title – The Compound Effect: Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your Success  (Website, Goodreads, Amazon)

Author – Darren Hardy (Website, Goodreads)

Published – January 1st 2010

Classification – Non-Fiction

Summary – The Compound Effect is “the principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices.” Modest choices or habits will greatly change anything. Everybody knows you can’t buy success; hard work, discipline, and consistent patterns can.

From the publisher of SUCCESS magazine comes a New York Times bestseller.

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