About Miss Kristine


Born and raised in Wisconsin, I love chocolate, elephants, and walking outside in my pajamas. I also love my family and reading. Above all else, my two favorite places to be is at the dinner table or in a library. I am constantly looking for new things to learn and expand on my skills. I do this by picking up different kinds of books, asking many questions and constantly trying to improve. Isn’t that what life is all about?

What do I read? Everything! I read tons of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Romance and Young Adult Fiction.



The majority of my book reviews are pretty positive. This is probably because I don’t pick up books that don’t interest me. Therefore, you won’t see a lot of mystery or suspense book reviews. This just isn’t my interest! And that is okay with me.

I am also NOT a writer. My reviews aren’t written to be eloquent or pretty or make a good story. That is what the book is for! If you find a typo or if a sentence just doesn’t make any sense, let me know 🙂

Goals for Miss Kristine’s Reviews:

-to share my latest reads (and boy, do I have a lot of them!)

-inspire others to pick up the book (so I can chat with somebody about that plot twist!)

-engage with others in discussion (tell me what you think!)

Miss Kristine

Are your reviews for real?

Good question. Yes, all my reviews are fully my opinion. No, nobody paid me to write a review.

I do have amazon affiliate links on the book links that go to places where you can purchase the book. If you have click through the link and purchase something, thank you for supporting my blog!

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