April 2017 Reading Wrap-Up and Links

I think I’ve got it!

Alright guys! If you have been following these for a while you know I’ve been struggling to name these monthly updates. I wanted to share my latest obsessions, online links, and a reading wrap-up. I’ve tried Daily Growth and Expanding My Mind, neither of which sounded quite right. I also thought Links I Love or Monthly Update.

What do you guys think of Reading Wrap-Up and Links? It seems to fit.


Links I Love

  • Do Your Kids A Favor: Take Them To The Library – I love ScarryMommy’s blog post, reminiscing of her times at the library and why her kids had library cards before they could even read. I grew up in the country and lived pretty far from the library. But I have a feeling my kids will also have a card before Kindergarten.
  • How I Slowed The Flood Of Library Holds – Teresa Preston on Book Riot figured out how to space out her holds so she doesn’t get them all at one time! Brilliant! I utilize the hold feature quite a bit and I tend to put a handful on my hold list at a time. I will have to figure out if my library system has a “suspend hold” feature. Does yours?

On The Blog

  • 6 Funny Celebrity Books from 2016 – Looking for a laugh from a celebrity you love? I made a list of books published in 2016 from celebrities: from Amy Schumer to Anna Kendrick.
  • Out of that list, my favorite would have to be Lauren Graham’s Talking As Fast As I Can. You can read my full review of her book here. A close second would have to be Mara Wilson’s Where Am I Now?. Full review here.
  • I’ve added a new “connect with me” picture here on my blog, which you can see on the right side if on desktop and on the bottom if you’re on mobile. There is also an updated picture on my About Me page, as well as new pictures some of my socials like my Instagram page and Pinterest. My brother took the pictures – isn’t he pretty talented!?

I’m looking forward to the month of May!

Got a cool link for me? How about a book you’d like reviewed? Or some suggestions for your next read? Leave a comment on any post!

You can also connect with me on my social profiles. I love hearing from you there as well!


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