Book Review: Last Exit to Montauk

Last Exit to Montauk Book Review


Title – Last Exit to Montauk  (Goodreads)

Author – Phillip Vega (Website, Goodreads)

Published – April 26th 2017

Genre – Love Story

Summary – It’s the late 1980s, summertime, on the North Shore of Long Island. The air stirs with possibilities as it often does during this time of year. And so begins the romance between one Hispanic seventeen-year-old male, on the verge of manhood and ready to conquer the world, and one beautiful and intelligent young woman named B. It is much more than romance, though. B will forever become a part of this young man’s soul. He will never forget her.

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The description the author gave this book was right up my alley. Anybody who knows me, knows I’m a sucker for high school / first love romances.

I felt like this plot and story line was a page out of a Nicholas Sparks playbook. I love Nicholas Sparks!

I started the first chapter, and holy-hell I was hooked. The way he described his feelings in that supermarket made me feel every emotion going through him when he saw ‘My Blonde,’ a women who he loved long ago.

The first chapter set the stage for the whole book for me. I wanted to know more about this girl he loved and why, years later, he was wondering if that was Her.

As far as the writing for the rest of the book, it was a lot of telling instead of showing. As a reader, you’re very inside his head, hearing everything he is thinking.

At times it was a bit overkill, but what was there was spot-on. Which means, you know, thoughts of a teenager… Most are cringe-worthy, but what do you expect?

As one amazon review said, “…it’s hard to believe he wasn’t seventeen when he wrote it.”

The author nailed all the characters in Last Exit to Montauk, which of course makes me think how close he really is to this plot line. In an author interview published on, he swears it is not based on his life (although his siblings would disagree!). Interesting!

Last Words:

Just try the first chapter and see if you can put it down!

Where To Buy – Amazon

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