Book Review: Mindset

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Title –  Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (Website, Goodreads, Amazon)

Author – Carol S. Dweck (Website, Goodreads)

Published – January 1st 2006

Genre – Nonfiction; Self help; success

Summary – World-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, in decades of research on achievement and success, has discovered a truly groundbreaking idea—the power of our mindset.


I’m not sure why I picked up this book. I either saw it on Instagram or Pinterest and decided to see if my local library had it. It looked interesting enough to check out.

I did enjoy Mindset, mostly in the fact that Dweck used countless studies to show and explain to the reader the concepts, without it ending up like a research paper. Secondly, Dweck used the examples and studies from “ordinary” people like you and me, rather than of “bigshots” like Lombardi or Ray Crock. (There is nothing wrong with using world renounced leaders and learners, but sometimes we cannot apply what we learn in their success story.)

Basically, Mindset is about fixed mindset and growth mindset. Fixed mindset people think their intelligence and talent is what it is. They throw their hands up when there is a challenge, and they’d rather be right than learn. Growth mindset people know that “becoming is better than being.” They use struggles and failures as a way to get better.


Some people may have both the fixed mindset and growth mindset. For example, one might think they are maxed out at being creative while they are still growing in math skills. The idea is to apply the growth mindset to all areas of life.

Dweck talks about studies and examples of fixed vs growth mindset in the classroom, in relationships, in sports, and in the workplace. I think many people could benefit from this way of thinking.

However, I believe that if you are looking into reading this book, or reading other success books, you’ve already figured out that there is a way to get better. You are seeking out ways to grow and learn. Isn’t that what nonfiction and success books are all about?

Mindset with success books

Either way, Mindset is a good book about the foundation: there is always a change to get better. Little activity everyday will lead to success in the long term. Mistakes, troubles, and failures are the opportunity to learn and get better.

Last Words:

Mindset is a good foundation-level book to success.

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Here is a link to post that breaks Mindset into 10 big ideas.

Also, the author has many Ted Talks. You can learn the basics of her book with a few videos. Enjoy!

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