Book Review: Of Poseiden

Synopsis: Of Poseidon

Title – Of Poseidon  (Website, Goodreads, Amazon)

Series – The Syrena Legacy #1

Author – Anna Banks (Website, Goodreads)

Published – May 22nd 2012

Classification – Young Adult Fiction

Summary – When Syrena prince Galen finds Emma, a human, can in fact communicate with fish, Galen and his sister decide to spend some time on land. They need to figure out if Emma is in fact a syrena. If so, she holds the gift of Poseidon and can save their kingdom.

All the signs point to Emma being a syrena, but many secrets need to be unraveled before the truth is revealed.


A fellow instagrammer posted about Of Poseidon as another mermaid/sea creature YA book. I realized I never read a book about this besides Kiera Cass’s The Siren.

Honestly, I almost didn’t make it through the first couple chapters of Of Poseidon. The majority of  the book is inside thought of the characters. They were very much ‘up in their head.’ Many times when I’m reading and reviewing other books, I’m actually wishing that various authors added more of the character’s thoughts within. But in Of Poseidon‘s case, it was almost too much.

There were a few other writing and plot issues, but I decided to get over myself to really get into the book. What kept me going was the thought of syrenas.

That aside, Of Poseidon was your cliché YA love book. It is an easy, light, and giddy. So if you’re looking for these things…this is your book.

Of Poseidon Book Review

The ending to book one of the three book series left at a cliff hanger so I suppose I have to pick up the next…


Of Poseidon had writing and plot issues but a good overall plot. When I’m in the mood for a light YA I will pick up the second book, Of Triton.

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