Book Review: Partnership is the New Leadership

 Partnership is the New Leadership


Title – Partnership is the New Leadership  (Website, Goodreads)

Author – Ty Bennett (Website, Goodreads)

Published – June 5th 2016

Genre – Nonfiction; leadership; business

Summary – Partnership Is The New Leadership is the rallying cry for effective leadership in today’s world. In the 1980s, Ken Blanchard changed the conversation from management to leadership and began to refocus, retool, and refine the approach to leadership. Our world has continued to change since then and at an even faster pace. To be relevant, influential, and successful today, partnership in leadership needs to be the approach.

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Partnership is the New Leadership is about exactly what it sounds like. This book is about partnering with others.

This theme is one I am seeing pop-up in other books. The legendary John Maxwell explains the law of connection. Dale Carnegie breaks down how to win friends and influence people. The Go Giver talks about giving to others. But no other book that I’ve read made partnership the center – and has done it so well.

Even though I may see it everywhere, many other may not. They still have the idea in their heads that if they want to do it right they have to do it themselves. Or they believe the sole reason they aren’t achieving the success they dream of is because they haven’t worked hard enough yet.

The true way to success is by helping others and time leveraging to all win.

For individuals who see people as obstacles or headaches – this is a must read. Those who truly understand that most people quit not because of the job but because of the management – this is a must read. And for people who want to create buy in with their peers – this is a must read. It is a very thin book; it is only 120 (powerful) pages. You can get through it quick and extract lots of value.

My favorite favorite favorite line of all time in any book (okay, an exaggeration, but only by a little) is on page 74. The author was speaking at a high school leadership event and afterward he was approached by a girl who wanted his advice. She wanted to boycott the pledge of allegiance. His answer was, “I’m not going to tell you what to believe or how to feel, but I do believe our world would be a better place if we started promoting what we love rather than bashing what we hate.”

*mic drop*

I had to put down the book for a bit and stifle a very loud “hallelujah!”

This was such a small section of the book, definitely not the main focus at all, but so very powerful. Now you can only image how the rest of the book’s content is.

Last Words:

Ty Bennett lives and breathes virtue. Highly recommend this leadership book.

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