Book Review: The Great Hunt


Title – The Great Hunt (Goodreads)

Author – Wendy Higgins (Website, Goodreads)

Published – March 8th 2016

Genre – Young Adult Fantasy

Summary – When a strange beast terrorizes the kingdom of Lochlanach, fear stirs revolt. In an act of desperation, a proclamation is sent to all of Eurona—kill the creature and win the ultimate prize: the daughter of King Lochson’s hand in marriage.

Princess Aerity knows her duty to the kingdom but cannot bear the idea of marrying a stranger… until a brooding local hunter, Paxton Seabolt, catches her attention. There’s no denying the unspoken lure between them… or his mysterious resentment.

Paxton is not the marrying type. Nor does he care much for spoiled royals and their arcane laws. He’s determined to keep his focus on the task at hand—ridding the kingdom of the beast—but the princess continues to surprise him, and the perilous secrets he’s buried begin to surface.

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Thoughts on The Great Hunt:

While riding my wave of young adult fiction, I picked up The Great Hunt from the library. And apparently the books I’m reading are following a trend of a princess having to marry or running away (see Roar and The Kiss of Deception).

Put a girl in a dress on the cover and I’m intrigued. But the biggest reason I picked up this book is because I am a fan of Wendy Higgins’ writing. I read The Sweet Trilogy which I reviewed in 2016 (spoiler alert: loved the whole series!)

This book opens with Wyneth and her betrothed who gets murdered by the great beast. Even though the book main character is Princess Aerity, I’m glad we get plenty of Wyneth in the story.

I really liked Princess Aerity’s character and the whole plot line.

The one downside was the immediate interest Princess Aerity had in Paxton. The princess goes out to greet the hunters one by one, but is absolutely drawn to the last solder. Can you guess who that is? Paxton.

I mean, there are so many hunters there! There is no way. In the whole book, there only is a handful of hunters that were given names by Higgins.

I’m not asking for Princess Aerity to start liking a bunch of people, it was a small downside or me.

When looking at other reviewers, I think the biggest complaint is about feminism. I’ll tell you this: by the end of the book, you’ll realize why there are mainly men hunting and being killed (really, there are the Zorfina women who fight and really run their community – so I don’t see this argument, but whatever).

The second complaint is about the romance. News flash: this is a young adult book with touches of romance. Don’t expect an adult grade novel attraction. I actually thought it was well-done.

Okay, I’m done. lol

Last Words:

This is the second YA fantasy series I’ve read by Higgins that I have enjoyed! I will definitely be picking up the second in the series.

Where To Buy – Amazon • Audibe • Barnes & Noble • Target • iTunes • Walmart


One last thing I had to mention was that I recently reviewed The Kiss of Deception which I was on the fence one. I liked The Great Hunt sooooo much better, yet The Great Hunt has an average review on goodreads of 3.65 while The Kiss has 4.05. What???

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