Book Review: The In-Between

The In-Between


Title – The In-Between

Author – Mahmoud Farraj

Published – October 10th, 2016

Genre – NonFiction

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Summary – In The In-Between, Mahmoud Farraj talks about the drive to do your best, positive thinking, the importance of networking and mentorship, and why passion is so critical.


This guys is on his way to success. He is on the road to accomplishing his dreams. Why do I think that is so important in a book? Because he is not just spewing out what he had read on the internet to sell a book. He lives and breathes this stuff.

No, Mahmoud Farraj has not “made it” yet. He can’t be a financially independent overnight. It takes some time. But what he has learned can be very helpful to others.

What I like most about this book is the colorful pictures he paints the reader. I also found a few one-liners that I thought were pretty funny. (I’m sure he didn’t mean for them to be hilarious, but I sure did laugh.)

My favorite part of the book was about weighing the pros before the cons for a positive mindset. When the professor gives him an assignment, he sees a means to make his writing better. When he walks outside of his apartment, he sees the beautiful sky, homes with happy families within, and a piece of art on the concrete wall instead of the dead end sign, garbage, and graffiti:

The In-Between View

Mahmoud Farraj also uses the movie Forrest Gump in this example! Thanks to being shot in the buttox, Forrest gets free ice cream. Love it!

Here are a few of my other favorite lines:

“If you have a passion for growing apples and oranges, become the best apples and oranges grower the world has ever seen.”
“If your passion is to take selfies, I want you to take the best selfies anyone has ever taken. Kim Kardashian recently published a book of selfies and made millions. Why haven’t you done that?”
By having a mentor,  “They can guide you the right way so you aren’t wielding a paper airplane in a bazooka battle.”

I think this ebook is a good read because of Mahmoud Farraj passion. Reading this can give you a mood booster when you’re down and a good reminder of the mindset it takes to be successful. It can also be good for a friend who is just getting their feet wet and looking for some educational material on key ideas and themes of a self-help success book; it is short enough that it can be good starter material.

Okay, now for a two quick things I wish would be different:

  • He used some broad brushstrokes to categorize everyone, like talking about the “real world,” and using words like always and nobody cares.
  • There were also a few punctuation errors.

That is all! (See what I did there? I talked about all the pros before the cons. I’d say the pros definitely out weigh the cons!)

Last Words:

As a short read, I recommend this eBook 🙂

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