Book Review: Through The Glass

Through The Glass


Title – Through The Glass  (Website, Goodreads, Amazon)

Author – Shannon Moroney (Website, Goodreads)

Published – October 11th 2011

Genre – Memoir

Summary – Newly married Shannon Moroney opens the door to two police officers with news that her husband has been arrested for committing an awful crime of violence and rape. This memoir is about the aftermath of these crimes…of stress, anger, sadness, rehabilitation and struggle.



I picked Through The Glass up on a whim at the library. Although it was published a few years ago, the context of the book gripped me. I knew it was going to be a good one.

Shannon’s husband’s crime took place in Canada so I did not have any past exposure to this crime. I also can’t really relate to the events – I don’t have anyone close in my life who is/has been in jail, nor someone close to me who has/had a violent crime happen to them. A person with past exposure to this would be reading from a very difference lens than myself. I had a clean palate with no preconceived notions about Shannon or her husband when picking up this book…and personally I think that helped.

There are a few decisions Shannon made that could displease some readers, but going in with an open mind made this book a good read.

I really did enjoy this book. I think it was important for her and others that this book was published and her story told. Here is the reason why:

I have a high respect for someone who wants to make a positive change in the world. Shannon wants to have better resources for relatives of the guilty. Family is definitely impacted by the violent crime…not in the same way as the victim, but impacted nonetheless. There are also many gaps in the justice system that could be worked on (as in any industry).

One thing I personally feel passionate about is the need for proactive care. There are so many facilities and programs for after a person needs help. I see many discussions on what to do with prisoners once their locked up. But what about before a person needs help? Shannon’s husband did not give away any signs that he had something wrong but there are so many children and adults out there that could benefit from having resources available to them proactively.

Anyway, I won’t rant any farther 🙂

Through The Glass

The last thing I will say is I don’t think I would have the patience she did, nor the confidence / understanding she did when visiting him in prison. She obviously showed frustration and stress, but she tried to help him as much as she could through the trial (and waiting for the trial to even happen).


Overall, Through The Glass is a good book of one women’s experience. Well written, I would recommend it for those going in with an unbiased mind.

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