Book Review: Where Am I Now?

Where Am I Now


Title – Where Am I Now?  (Goodreads)

Author – Mara Wilson (Website)

Published – September 13th 2016

Genre – Nonfiction; Celebrity Memoirs

Summary – Known for her “cute” roles in Mrs. Doubtfire, Melrose Place, and Matila, Mara Wilson stole the hearts of many fans. 

Mara Wilson has always felt a little young and a little out of place: as the only child on a film set full of adults, the first daughter in a house full of boys, the sole clinically depressed member of the cheerleading squad, a valley girl in New York and a neurotic in California, and one of the few former child actors who has never been in jail or rehab. Tackling everything from how she first learned about sex on the set of Melrose Place, to losing her mother at a young age, to getting her first kiss (or was it kisses?) on a celebrity canoe trip, to not being “cute” enough to make it in Hollywood, these essays tell the story of one young woman’s journey from accidental fame to relative (but happy) obscurity. But they also illuminate a universal struggle: learning to accept yourself, and figuring out who you are and where you belong. Exquisitely crafted, revelatory, and full of the crack comic timing that has made Mara Wilson a sought-after live storyteller and Twitter star, Where Am I Now? introduces a witty, perceptive, and refreshingly candid new literary voice.

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Okay, after reading Mara’s book I realize she is not going to like how I want to start this review out (you’ll figure out why once you read it). But I’m going to say it anyway: I LOVED Matilda. I’m not sure if I’ve ever run into anybody who has not loved Matilda. Especially in the book reading community, who doesn’t relate to a young reader who devours books?

I also love reading celebrity memoirs. When looking to see what celebrities wrote books in 2016 (I found a handful of funny celebrity memoirs from 2016 and listed them here), I found out that Mara Wilson wrote Where Am I Now?.

As you can guess, I loved this book.

I found out how much of a natural storyteller Mara Wilson is when reading this book. Did you know she does storytelling shows? She also writes a blog and is known to be a funny person to follow on twitter.

In this book, she writes about how much she hates the word “cute”, her experience on set, the loss of a parent, and struggle with OCD.

Within the first couple chapters she launches into how she learned about sex…which I was not expecting when picking up her book. But she tied it into being on set of the Melrose place, saying funny things as a kid, and her first couple boyfriends. I also didn’t know her ties to OCD, mental illness, and feminism.

The last touch I want to mention is her story of how she found out about Robin William’s passing and his effect on her.

Last Words:

Overall, a good read from start to finish.

Where Am I Now? made it onto my list of 6 Funny Celebrity Books from 2016.


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