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11 Favorite Books From 2017

11 of my Favorite Books From 2017

I should open this list by saying that these are books I’ve read in 2017 – but all of the books on this list are written in either 2016 or 2017!  (Apparently I’m a half of year behind.)

Whether they are published in 2016 or in 2017, they are still great books that I recommend any year you pick them up!

If you are struggling this holiday to figure out what to get a family member or friend who enjoys a good book, any of these would work as a great gift!

Are you personally looking for a good book to get yourself out of reading funk and back into the reading groove? All books below are ones I highly recommend!

11 Favorite Books from 2017


On my list this year, I’ve got 2 fiction, 5 young adult, and 4 non-fiction (2 of which are memoirs).

Let’s get to it!

This post or video contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through my links.

2017 Book Recommendations


Small Great Things

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

Published October 11th 2016

Can Jodi Picoult write a bad book? I don’t think she can. Obviously, Small Great Things is a wonderfully written novel. But I think that this is the most relevant, relate-able, and most important piece of work by Picoult. Full Review >

Where to BuyAmazon • Barns&Noble • Target • iBooks


The Mothers

The Mothers by Brit Bennett

Published October 11th 2016

Whenever I think about how to describe The Mothers, I seem to just say, “I love the book, I love the writing, I love the theme, I love the pretty cover, I love, I love, I love…” Full Review >

Where To Buy – Amazon • Audible • Barnes & Noble • Target • iTunes

Young Adult

The Thousandth Floor

One Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee

Published August 30th 2016

Many others have said The Thousandth Floor is a book for lovers of Gossip Girl. They are absolutely correct! The prelude opens with revealing one girl is falling off the thousandth floor, and has you in its clutches from then on forward. Full review >

Where To Buy – Amazon • Audible • Barnes & Noble • Target • iTunes

((The second book of this series was published August 2017 and I HAVE to get my hands on it. You can purchase The Dazzling Heights at Amazon or Barnes & Noble now))


Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court Series by Sarah J. Maas

(A Court of Thorns and Roses, A Court of Mist and Fury, & A Court of Wings and Ruin)

Published May 5th 2015, May 3rd 2016, May 2nd 2017, respectively

The silver lining of finding this series after all three books have been published is that they can be devoured one right after another! These books have been listed high on numerous young adult and fantasy book lists all three years. Besides the overall writing, story telling, and character building, I love that each book is a story retelling: Beauty and the Beast, Hades and Persephone, and Snow White. I promise you, Prythian is a world you’ll beg not to leave. Full review>>

Where To Buy – Amazon • Audibe •Barnes & Noble • Target • iTunes • Walmart


The Divinity Bureau

The Divinity Bureau by Tessa Clare

September 21st 2017

I started reading The Divinity Bureau on a long car trip and was HOOKED. THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD BOOK! Dystopian world. Forbidden love. Real characters. All these things intermingled, and wonderfully written, created a fantastic book! Full review >>

Where To Buy – Amazon • Barnes & Noble


Letters to the Lost by Brigit Kemmerer

Published April 4th 2017

I don’t even know how to write a review for this one. It gripped me and didn’t let me go. I’m still thinking about Letters to the Lost. Have you ever seen A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray? You know the drill: boy and girl exchange messages, keep their names a secret, but reveal what they wouldn’t to the public. Letters to the Lost used this plot line successfully. Full review >>

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Without Merit by Colleen Hoover

Published October 3rd 2017

I’d dare to say Colleen Hoover is one of the most recommended authors. Without Merit is the quirkiest book Colleen Hoover has ever wrote. But basically, you don’t need a review for this one – just read it. Full review >>

Where To Buy – Amazon • Audio • Barnes & Noble • Target • Walmart

(I also read another Colleen Hoover book this year, It Ends With Us, which I also highly recommend. You can purchase it at the following places: Amazon • Audio • Barnes & Noble • Target • iTunes • Walmart)


The Magnolia Story

The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines

Published October 18th 2016

Does this need a summary or review? If you haven’t heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines, you have been living under a rock. The Magnolia Story is about how Chip and Joanna met, fell in love, and how they started their business and family. This story will warm your heart. Full review >>

Where To Buy – Amazon • Audio • Barnes & Noble • Target • Walmart


Talking As Fast As I Can

Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham

Published November 29th 2016

Who is not a Lauren Graham fan? Cue all the Gilmore Girl feels. I will warn you: if you read this book, you will feel very very very nostalgic. Full review >>

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Success Intersection

Success Intersection by Pat Williams

Published  January 31st 2017

Using sport references and story-telling to show ‘what happens when your talent meets your passion.’ Laid out are simple steps to focus your talent and passion. Full review >>


Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

Published on February 22nd 2017

If you’re at all into personal development, you’ve heard of Tony Robbins. Not only has he accumulated wealth himself, but he has helped so many others do the same. This book is packed full of information to help investors (both beginning and veteran investors). And if you need any more reason to purchase this book, all profits are being donated to feed families.

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NEVER Run Out Of Books To Read

Have you ever thought, “What book should I read next?”

Don’t have time to scan the New Releases at the bookstore or library?

None of your books on goodreads to-read shelf look appealing?

I’ve got the solution for you:

Book Bloggers!


Book Bloggers?

Yes, there are blogs out there that just talk about good books.

(I’m not just talking about my own – there are so many bloggers out there!)

Nobody has enough time to go through all the books coming out now-a-days. Why don’t you let other people do that for you!

You know that friend that you always go to for that delicious recipe she made last week? Or that other friend that keeps you up to-date on the celeb gossip?

Yea, these book bloggers could be THAT friend.

You’ll always know what book to pick up next that is going to hit the spot.

They’ll for sure know what book to read next.


Who To Follow

I’ve started my community on Goodreads. So we’ll start there:

  • Brittney ~ Her Bookish Things – follow on Goodreads
    • I found Brittney on goodreads because she reads and reviews just about everything I would.  We’d definitely would be friends in real life.
    • Interests: Matcha tea, Hand Lettering, Being outdoors and surrounded by trees, Reading until I fall asleep
    • Genres: fantasy, historical fiction
    • Goodreads profile
    • Blog
    • Instagram


  • Chelsea Humphrey  – follow on Goodreads
    • Chelsea also reads and reviews just about everything I would. She also shares what her and her kids are reading!
    • Interests: Reading (clearly), Roller Coasters, Traveling, Fitness
    • Genres: Thrillers, Mystery, Suspense and YA fiction
    • Goodreads profile
    • Blog
    • Instagram


  • Anas Attic Book Blog  – follow on Goodreads

    • Anas Attic Book Blog is your go-to for romance and erotica. Looking for one for 99 cents? She’s got you covered as well.
    • Interests:  Books, music and her kids
    • Genres: romantica, contemporary romance, erotic romance, chick lit, some paranormal
    • Goodreads profile
    • Blog
    • Instagram


There are also book reviewers I found via YouTube, such as:

  • Merphy Napier – follow on YouTube
    • Releases videos every Tuesday and Saturday! Want to fan girl with someone? This is your girl. (On top of her regular book videos, I’m following her journey of discovering classic books!)
    • Also side note, she just published her own book, Perfection.
    • Genres: Fiction, classics, fantasy
    • Goodreads profile
    • Youtube


  • gabbyreads – follow on YouTube
    • Gabby releases multiple videos a week and you can’t help but smile right along with her. She is also quite active on goodreads.
    • Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Thriller
    • Goodreads profile
    • YouTube


could go on and on about other book bloggers / bookstagrammers / goodreads reviewers.

The list is always expanding.

But these ladies are ones I know I can rely on to get me out of that reading slump.

NEVER Run Out Of Books To Read

Do you know of other people who you rely on for book suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

Read THIS Not THAT: Rethinking Positive Thinking Discussion

Hi all! Trying something a bit differently today.

Instead of doing a book review on Rethinking Positive Thinking by Gabriele Oettingen, I’d thought I’d do some other books I’d recommend instead.

The following books are like Rethinking Positive Thinking. But they are books that I felt I got more out of.

There are three themes that I’d like to pull out and discuss. For each one, I’ve suggested other nonfiction books that I liked reading more than Rethinking Positive Thinking.

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Hey all!

So I debated whether or not I should make this video because I don’t like talking negatively about a book. I like to stay positive and helpful. And I know the author put so much hardwork and heart into each word in the story.

But since I had so many book in the past few months that I didn’t quite enjoy, I decided to do this video, quickly running through why I chose not to finish the specific book.

Some of them I Did Not Finish (DNF) but some I did whip through and read til the end. So I didn’t want to call this video / post DNF.

I figure maybe this post can help you make a decision on your next book. If you think the book might appeal to what you like to read, by all means give it a go!

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Nonfiction Book Haul

Hey All!

As you all may have figured out, I check out many many many books from the library. This past month I was looking at all I had checked out and realized that the majority of them were nonfiction books. Actually, 10 out of my 12 books checked out at the time were nonfiction.

I wanted to show you guys what they all were. Check out my video below!

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5 Books That Changed My Life

What is your favorite book?

For me, that is a hard question. In fact, the more I read the harder it is to narrow down.

Even so, there are definitely books that left an impression on my life. In natural Kristine fashion, I want others to enjoy them as much as I did. Today I wanted to share my top 5 favorite books that impacted me.

5 Books That Changed My Life

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2016 Reading Wrap Up

Best Books of 2016*

*Read by me 🙂

Hello readers! The year 2016 is almost over and before I look to establish my reading goals and TBR list, I like to look at my past reads this year. Who is with me?

I thought it would be hard to pick favorites but once I listed out all the books I read in 2016 these by far stuck out to me. In the end, it wasn’t all that difficult.

Here are my top 5 books that I’ve read and reviewed this year (with a link to my review and a link to amazon for purchase). In the comments, let me know if you’ve read any of these!

Enjoy 🙂

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10 Books That Are ALWAYS On My Bookshelf

Staples to My Personal Development Library

Self development books are not everybody’s cup of tea. While some people actually prefer a nonfiction read, others avoid the nonfiction shelves like the plague.devour-books

For myself, nonfiction books were not my choice of reading material. A few years ago, My mentor said to me, “Kristine, if you could get a sliver of a millionaire’s mind and see how they think, isn’t that worth spending the time to read their book?” I’m sure you can guess what my answer was. Being the big reader I am, I wasn’t going to back away from that challenge.

If you don’t want to take the advice from my mentor, says that “reading books are highly correlated with building wealth and success.” The wealthiest people spend lots of time reading. To create wealth and success in my own life I was going to take up this habit too.Empty minds make the most noise

And you know what? The more and more I read nonfiction, the more I find them taking up shelf space on my personal library. And I love it!

Any author, whether writing nonfiction or fiction, is conveying their ideas and research onto paper for others.

If you are not where you want to be in life, books can spark ideas, give you new insights, put a smile on your face, and perk up your mood. They can shift the way you think! They can give you a new lens to see the world from a different perspective.books-give-you-perspective

Plus, it is suggested you read a book everyday. Even if I spend the minimum of a few minutes reading a chapter out of a self development book, I’d have to have quite a selection of books on hand. That is why I always have a few that stay in my own library so I can pick them up whenever I need.

So without further delay, here they are – my staple nonfiction books that are in my personal development library:

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