Expanding My Mind

The goal everyday is to learn something new. Personal mentors, daily reading, and podcasts on my specific industry are all things that influence me daily.

Why I Expand My Mind Every Day

In this post I wanted to share the other personal growth podcast and recordings I listened to today.

I think it is important to pick up books, listen to podcasts, and read blogs that are outside of my specific industry. I may just be a nerd when it comes to learning and growing but I am fired up after I listen to something that teaches me something new, expands my mind to new ways of thinking, or takes a different approach to a well-known subject.

As Entrepneur.com puts it “the people we choose to surround ourselves with impacts the way we think, act and feel on a day-to-day basis.” What is great about the internet is that I can be “surrounded” by all sorts of people on my time. Rich people and poor people have the same brain, just given different nourishment.

Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely

Today, I listened to a few different things. First I started a book on CD in my car: Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely by Lysa TerKeurst. Lysa begins her book with a story about her negative self-talk. I’ve read many books recently about self-talk and the law of attraction, specifically What To Say When Talking To Yourself by Shad Helmstetter and The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz.

Isn’t it crazy how once you focus on a specific topic it pops up everywhere!?

Adventures In YA

Once at my desktop, I listed to Adventures In YA‘s podcast. They always share their latest reads and I like to find out which books they recommend. I am finding that every time I listen to them I am adding a few books onto my TBR pile.

My Taught You

Lastly, I stumbled upon a blog post by Kisha “Coach K” Proctor listing a few good podcasts that “every #BossBabe should listen to.” The first one, Myliek Teele of My Taught You, sounded good so I gave it a try – and I am hooked! In fact I listened to two of her Q&A podcasts. Digging around her site I also see she has quite a few podcasts about various books. In fact I found book recommendations left and right! (See, leaders are readers!)

2 thoughts on “Expanding My Mind

  1. Beth Barany

    I love that you’re expanding beyond your field. Learning and growing and expanding as you are is awesome! I do the same. I find that the ideas outside my field nourish me and feed my creativity. It’s exciting how much there is too learn and also how we as humans can evolve to be more of what we’ve been.

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