Expanding The Mind March 2017

Hello all!

Confession: I haven’t made much progress since last month’s post deciding what I want to call this monthly update. I wanted to share what I have been into lately, add value with some links from across the web, and keep learning of thing you guys want to see more from me.

So what do I title this?

Expanding The Mind? This is what I am titling it for me, but it doesn’t really seem to fit what I am trying to say.

Monthly Update? Too boring and general.

Links I Love? Too narrow. Plus, I don’t want to copy what Modern Miss Darcy does with her updates. (Ironically, my first link is one I read about on one of her post 🙂 Thanks Ann!)

Anyway, while I mull it over, here are my links:

  • The Money Habit Blog – I wish I remembered how I stumbled upon this wonderful blog. The Money Habit is about….well, money. It is written by J.P. who retired at the age of 28. I’m sure I’ll be linking to some of her specific posts in the future because they are absolutely spot on.

Updates on my blog:

  • My favorite book I’ve read this month is Small Little Things by Jodi Picoult. You can read my full review here.
    • I also did a nonfiction book haul video! You can check out the post with the video here. And if you want to subscribe to my YouTube, you can here. Thanks for your support!

That is all from me for now!

Let me know your thoughts on what you want to see or what you really loved. Comment on a post or message me on social. Thanks!

Expanding The Mind March 31st 2017


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