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February Edition

Hey all! I’m trying to figure out how I want these posts to go.

Until then, I have lots of links I want to share!

As said on my other editions, I always look to expand my mind. There are so many cool podcasts, articles, and blog I want to share with you all.

  • The Inspiration Mentor – Okay I might be a bit bias on this one because I know the blogger, but I think you will enjoy his posts! My favorite articles so far are Picture Our Lives and Mentorship and You. Plus, if you follow The Inspiration Mentor on Instagram, he publishes inspirational posts almost every day.
  • Books On The Nightstand – Podcasts are the closest I’ve been to a book club. It’s too bad I found this book podcast after they quit recording. Oh well, guess I have to go listen to their previous podcasts…
  • How to Read 200 Books In A Year – Did you know that 417 hours to read about 200 books a year? And the average American spends 608 hours on social media?  I figure since you’re visiting my blog, you’re quite an avid reader but I had to share this anyway
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad Blog – I write about Robert Kiyosaki’s book, The Cashflow Quadrant, on my post 5 Books That Changed My Life. His blog he runs with his wife is financial education gold. Highly, highly recommend!

That is all I have for you this month. Do you have one to share? Put it in the comments below!

Daily Growth February 28th 2017


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