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Let me first say: I never read an eBook. Still to this day I am not a huge eBook reader. However, since downloading BookBub, I have finished quite a handful of eBooks.

BookBub offers deeply discounted eBooks. The app is available for download on your phone or tablet.

To whoever did the marketing for BookBub:  props. And thank you.


Guys – I can download books for FREE!

Yes, free. If you know me at all, you know I LOVE a good deal. If a book on BookBub is not free, it is available for purchase around $0.99 – $1.99. But I download the free ones. More often than not, these are the books with sequels which, obviously, is to make you want to purchase the others in the series.

Typically the stories I download from BookBub are sweet (sometimes pretty dirty) romance stories. They are like candy – I can’t read them too often because the stories usually lack substance. They are just filler I can take on the go while I’m waiting for my next “meal”.

I wanted to compile a list of novels I downloaded from BookBub and enjoyed. Oftentimes I won’t be able to write a full book review because it was just a fluff story. That being said, there have been some that surprised me such as the first one, Emerge.

I will keep this as an ongoing list, but for now, here is a list of FREE books I’ve read. Enjoy!

Emerge by S. E. Hall

Emerge by S E Hall (found on BookBub)Summary: Laney is your sports-loving southern girl, raised by her dad. When she starts dating Evan, they have the classic boy/girl next door romance. The time for college rolls around, however, and Laney and Evan’s relationship is changed through the transition. Between classes and sports practice, Laney tries to keep ties with old relationships and creating new ones. That is when Laney gets to know Dane and has to decide if opening up to him will compromise her relationship with Evan.

Thoughts: I really really really liked this book! You can read my full review here but in short – I LOVED this story. S. E. Hall has got me hooked on the characters and I put the next book on my to-be-read list.

Find Emerge on Goodreads or purchase on Amazon.


Stars Collide by Janice Thompson

Stars Collide by Janice Thompson (found on BookBub)Summary: Kat Jennings and Scott Murphy are TV sitcom stars whose fans are hoping to see them reveal their feelings for each other. In real life, their lives do not differ much. When their secret love is exposed, will their relationship last between the paparazzi, TV sitcom rating promotions, and Kat’s eccentric grandmother?

Thoughts: The Christian take and view point was refreshing and exactly what I needed at that time. Although the religious “reason for meeting” was a bit pounded into you towards the end, I don’t think it was overdone.  Overall, it was a good book.

Find Stars Collide on Goodreads or purchase on Amazon.


Beautiful Oblivion by Addison Moore

A Beautiful Obvlivion by Addison Moore (found on BookBub)Summary: Reese Westfield has had her eyes on Ace Waterman for as long as she could remember. When Reese proposes a no-strings-attached summer, can they keep their relationship in tact while the other lake-goers disapprove?

Thoughts: This is your classic story of opposites attract. I thought the story line wasn’t stellar, but was decent. I didn’t guess the revelation at the end which was nice. But I didn’t really relate to the main character Reese. In fact, I agree with Sam from SamsBookBasket: the characters were  rash and impulsive. The whole time I just want the boy to tell the girl he likes her. And vise versa. This theme droned on and on….

Find Beautiful Oblivion on Goodreads or purchase on Amazon.


A Negotiated Marriage by Noelle Adams

A Nogotiated Marriage by Noelle Adams (found on BookBub)Summary: Molly and Luke’s marriage is going exactly as planned – according to their contract. When Luke wants to throw sex in the deal, can they keep what they have going?

Thoughts: This book was surprisingly good! Told only from the women’s point of view, her emotions were not too exaggerated which made it easy to relate. They are also hard working characters who worked for their position (not given one). The only questions I wish the author would have answered was what do the characters do for a living!? She mentions their titles but we never actually read about their work.

Anyway, I do recommend A Negotiated Marriage. It was a quick and enjoyable read.

Find A Negotiated Marriage on Goodreads or purchase on Amazon.


Random Acts of Hope by Julia Kent

Random Acts of Hope Summary:  “God damn Charlotte, my ex-girlfriend, had to be here, of all places. At a bachelorette party where I was a stripper, dressed in a cop uniform with pants that suddenly got way too tight.
And she had to be so fine.
“Ooooh, honey, you’re one big officer,” said a sultry voice behind me as I watched Charlotte in the other room, chatting with the bride.
A hand stroked my hip and hesitated before sliding a bit lower, filling a palm with my ass. “Arrest me, Officer. I’ve been a bad, bad girl.”
With one look at the source of the voice, my night went from Oh, man to Oh, no. That voice? That hand?
That was my mother.”

Thoughts: I was drawn in immediately from the description on BookBub and from the first chapter. I mean – tell me who would read that description and not be interested!?

Random Acts of Hope was deeper than most romances due to the element of miscarriage. I thought Julia Kent did a good job portraying the emotions someone would have if they went through a similar situation.

I wanted to not like Liam. And I definitely disliked the way he was living his life since him and Charlotte broke up. But because the author wrote part of the book from his point of view, I had empathy for him. Charlotte was a good character I felt. I was a little mad that she let him back into her life so quickly without an explanation. But that is love, right?

I thought the end was a little cheesy – but that tied the whole story to a nice close.

The follow up books by Julia Kept follow other characters part of Liam’s band. I don’t think I will read them any time soon because I like the emotions and story line surrounding Liam and Charlotte. But I might pick up other books by Julia Kent! What do you think?

Find Random Acts of Hope on Goodreads or purchase on Amazon.


Some Girls Do by Amy Andrews

Some Girls Do Description: Lacey’s mother passed away when she was little. The most she could remember was that her mother made her brothers swear they would make sure Lacey finished her schooling. But Lacey just wants to pack up her dorm room and go back home to her family and small town life in Jumbuck Springs. When the fast, slip-of-the-tongue lie of a pregnancy proves to be a way to stay in her hometown, that was the decision she was going to ride out.

Thoughts: Some Girls Do had a cute story line. I connected with Lacey because I’ve been homesick before but, other than that, I felt she was somewhat thoughtless. Cooper, on the other hand, was who I stuck around for. Swoon!

Amy Andrews has A LOT of romance books out there! I was looking at other titles from her and it seems like I could keep scrolling down the list and I wouldn’t reach the end. Have any of you read other books by her?

Find Some Girls Do on Goodreads or purchase on Amazon.


To be continued..

More titles will be added soon! So continue to check back!

Are any good reads that you have discovered on BookBub? Let me know!


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