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Nothing pairs better with a good book than a glass of wine.

Okay, this could be argued depending on what time of day it is. Steaming coffee in hand is usually the way to go in the morning.

However, picture this: unwinding after a long day at work with a page-turner, rose lavender bath salts in the tub, and a heavenly glass of wine.

Personally, my wine tastes started with the $6.99 bottles of wine from Aldis. (Which doesn’t actually sound that bad after finding out Aldi’s Rose was voted best in the world!)

Recently I’ve started trying different kinds of wine. My favorites are the dry reds, but sometimes I bring home sweet whites for my husband to try too.


I stumbled across, a way to try different wines delivered straight to the doorstep.

The bottles start at $13 and if you get 4+ bottles, shipping is free. They can mix and match the wine based on your preferences, or you can pick the bottles yourself.

Now I don’t know about you, but jumping from my $6.99 Aldi’s bottles to $13 was questionable. I wasn’t sure it was worth it.

But I decided to try it out this past month. I received a $20 coupon. If you divide that by 4 bottles, they came out to be $8 per bottle!

You can ask my husband: I was beyond excited to get my first delivery! I ordered on a Monday and the order came on a Friday.

The only crappy part was that a person over 21 years had to sign for the package. I missed the delivery on the Friday but was able to sign for it on Saturday. (If that wasn’t an option for me, I could have picked it up from the delivery company.)

All four of my bottles were wonderful and I will definitely be ordering from again!

Want to try Winc?

This is not a sponsored post! But I do have a referral coupon for you!

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What type of wine do you prefer? Do you like sticking to one brand or trying different kinds? Let me know if you try Winc and enjoyed $20 off!

If you have questions, ask me on my Facebook or Instagram! If you order, share with me your Winc experience!


My Winc Order & how you can save too

*this is not a sponsored post*

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